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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Jan 3 21:46:19 HKT 2021


Am 03.01.21 um 04:15 schrieb Greg D.:
> So I see the mention of obdii and it got me to pay attention...:)  
> Regarding obdii "complexity"...  I've always wondered why the obdii
> command only has 'ecu' as a second and only parameter.  If obdii is
> essentially the command front-end to the obd2ecu task, that split is
> odd.  What else was considered for the obdii framework?

I don't know of any master plan for the "obdii" framework, but of course 
it's the natural place for all OBD2 tools to come.

The general single OBD request command has been on my list since I added 
that to the Twizy code, always felt it should become a framework 
feature. As I recently got my new car (a Seat Mii, which is basically a 
VW e-Up), I now needed this command to start investigating the ECU 
registers on this car. While you technically could use the "re obdii" 
scanner for this, some fine people in the german forums already found 
all device addresses and most register addresses, so we're now already 
at the level of decoding the values.

The next stuff I'd like to add in "obdii" is a general DTC tool, 
probably along with a new alert feature on DTC occurrence. But that 
won't reuse much of the Twizy code on this, as the Twizy had no support 
for standard OBD DTCs.

Another concept fitting into "obdii" would be control for a full 
featured ISO-TP service process. The current implementation as the 
"poller" inside the vehicle class has it's limitations and oddities, 
although we've made quite some progress on this lately. A service worker 
concept as the one I've implemented for CANopen would be better. But 
that's more a long term todo.


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