[Ovmsdev] External Wifi antenna

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Mon Feb 1 00:17:47 HKT 2021

Congratulations!  I guess this wouldn't work to rejuventate my v3.0
module, though, because it has an older WROOM with fewer pins.

                                                        -- Steve

On Sat, 30 Jan 2021, Craig Leres wrote:

> Success!
> After protecting nearby components with kynar tape my hot air rework made
> "quick" work of removing the V1 module, including the ground pads on the back
> of the module. Then I hand soldered the new module in. (I wasn't sure if
> re-soldering the ground pads was important but I put a little solder paste on
> it and hit the back side of the board with a little hot air afterwards until
> the TPs flowed so there's some chance it's back to its original state.)
> I repurposed an SMA/U.FL cable and wifi antenna from an old foxconn netbox and
> once I had flashed it and restore the config my wifi signal improved from
> -80.7 to -53.6 dBm. I'm pretty sure my (brick) chimney is inbetween my ruckus
> ap and this vehicle and had been thinking about relocating the ap but no need
> now.
>     OVMS# module sum
>     Module
>       Version:  3.2.015-550-g49f7b669/factory/main (build idf
> v3.3.4-845-gd59ed8bba-dirty Jan 30 2021 18:31:40)
>       Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3
> It doesn't look like ovms knows there is extra memory?
>     OVMS# module memory
>     Free 8-bit 83756/277928, 32-bit 6836/11192, SPIRAM 3826192/4194252
> Also when I was bootstrapping the old config a wifi scan listed my WPA3 ssid
> but the module couldn't associate with it. But I do see an option with newer
> versions of the idf:
> https://docs.espressif.com/projects/esp-idf/en/latest/esp32/api-reference/kconfig.html#config-esp32-wifi-enable-wpa3-sae
>     Select this option to allow the device to establish a WPA3-Personal
>     connection with eligible AP's. PMF (Protected Management Frames)
>     is a prerequisite feature for a WPA3 connection, it needs to
>     be explicitly configured before attempting connection. Please
>     refer to the Wi-Fi Driver API Guide for details.
> I'm not sure if WPA3 requires V3 hardware or if it's purely an idf thing but
> it's something fun for the future.
> 		Craig

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