[Ovmsdev] Duktape Persistent Function References

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Sep 12 05:12:11 HKT 2020


Am 11.09.20 um 18:11 schrieb Michael Balzer:
>> I agree it is not necessary; my suggestion is purely to clean it up
>> and enhance functionality. The problem at the moment is that
>> OvmsCommand execute callbacks can only be to function callbacks (not
>> objects). It doesn’t even use the c++ bind function callback
>> mechanism (like notification, etc, for example). It is what it is,
>> and changing now is very hard.
> That slipped my attention, but upgrading OvmsCommand to accept any
> function type should be simply changing m_execute and m_validate to
> std::function, or do I miss something?

Just did this locally, works perfectly. Shall I push the change or have
you begun working on ovms_command?

If so, it's really just exchanging the function signatures for these types:

typedef std::function<void(int, OvmsWriter*, OvmsCommand*, int, const
char* const*)> OvmsCommandExecuteCallback_t;
typedef std::function<int(OvmsWriter*, OvmsCommand*, int, const char*
const*, bool)> OvmsCommandValidateCallback_t;

Patch attached.


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