[Ovmsdev] Firmware release handling

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Tue Sep 8 15:47:01 HKT 2020

Hey guys,

I'm wondering a while now how the firmware release process is working in 

I have found in the OVMS settings that I can choose "main", "eap" or 
"edge" as the update channel...

How does this relate to the github branches?

https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2592 shows v3.2.015 since a couple of 
minutes. Is this the "main" channel? VWUP.OBD is not listed there... but 
in the user docs it is already: 

changes.txt shows v3.2.015 for 2nd of Sep. Website says 8th...

Not that all the details here need to be perfectly matching. Was just 
wondering about a coarse grained info about the process...



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