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Looking at the differences between and earlier it looks like the
use of EV Can rather than CAR Can to enable battery monitoring on the Leaf
was the main trigger for frequent event crashes (fixed 31/8 in commit
07f25e3).The polling being turned on (when vehicle ON was set) being more
noticeable than at other times as both buses have a lot of traffic - but
still not guaranteed to cause a crash as reported by GlynHudson in
issue #409. Based on my own experience this issue could still occur
randomly but less frequently when the vehicle was off/not polling.

The issue would still occur even if enable canwrites were set to off as
reported by GlynHudson in #409, as canwrite logic was not implemented in
the Leaf code until 19/8 in commit 41ac2f1.

A temporary workaround was also implemented in the Leaf code to switch
buses prior to polling on 16/8 in commit

The subsequent poller rework has enabled the Leaf to direct polls to the
correct bus, allowing the PID polls originally defined (but not working
depending on the car state) to function when the vehicle is on or off and
charging. Also the IncomingPollReply code was tidied up and aligned with
that used for the Twizy. The vehicle poller extra frame request delay was
also originally fixed at 25ms uneccessarily slowing down large replies such
as the battery cell voltage responses, now set to 0. These changes mean the
polling for the Leaf is now working as it should.

The current edge version appears to be stable and allows PID polling
reliably to both buses without causing crashes. I have been running it for
24h with 6 start/stop events without issue.

If others agree could be staged for EAP release to move Leaf users
off A note could be to stating there is a known
stability issue on the Leaf and to use or similar.

GlynHudson and others on other Leaf models can test to ensure we are back
to a stable release with the required polling functionality working.

Kind regards
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