[Ovmsdev] can log vfs crashes

Jarkko Ruoho jarkko.ruoho at iki.fi
Tue Oct 27 16:31:14 HKT 2020

Hi Derek,

Did you check the crash time from some other logs? My point is that
crashes might happen at a later time too, and the file is still 0 MB.

For me crashing with can log vfs happens quite randomly. Every time a
crash happens the capture file size is zero, even if the capture was
running for a long time already.. My workaround for this has been
stop&start longer captures periodically (joining multiple crtd is a trivial
task: just remove the header from follow ups and join).


su 11. lokak. 2020 klo 10.46 Derek Caudwell (d.caudwell at gmail.com)

> Hi Michael
> It crashes on can2 when trying to log all, crash seems to be just after a
> zero length file is created.
> Kind regards
> Derek
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