[Ovmsdev] Roadster ESS logs

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu Oct 22 12:33:36 HKT 2020

Given the age of Tesla Roadster battery packs, and known issues with bad bricks failing and bringing down the entire pack, it is getting somewhat more urgent to be able to see battery per-brick voltages in real-time. It would also be useful to upload those as historical data to the server for historical analysis (particularly in the case a brick fails and we can then go back and see if there was any way to predict this).

OVMS v3 with the 3-bus cable should be able to get this data. I’ve got a good idea of the CAN bus messages involved, but the detailed ones are not always broadcast so it will take some work to find out how best to record them.

So, I’m looking for volunteers with:

One (or more!) Tesla Roadsters with OVMS
Connected to wifi for extended periods (night/day, whatever)
Using the 3 bus cable
Willing to run edge OVMS firmware and let me remotely access to run CAN bus dumps

If you can help, please eMail me directly.

Thanks, Mark.

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