[Ovmsdev] v.c.timerstart units

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Thu Mar 19 00:20:34 HKT 2020

I have just fixed a presumably quite old typo/copy-paste bug in
vehicle_teslaroadster that caused CAN decoding to miss the message
sent when the charge start time is selected or adjusted on the VDS.
That value is stored in v.c.timerstart.

Now comes the question how should v.c.timerstart be interpreted -- the
user guide does not say.  What the code in vehicle_teslaroadster did
was to set the GMT hour in the high 8 bits of a 16-bit integer and the
minutes (always 0) in the low 8 bits.  The current implementation of
"metrics list" shows the value as a decimal integer, so for my car set
to 11pm in the -7:00 time zone the value displayed is 1792, which is
not very user-friendly.

The Demo and Zeva vehicles just set the value to 0.  The Kia Soul sets
the value to seconds after midnight UTC/GMT.  The Smart ED also sets
the value in seconds, but the comments don't indicate what timezone.

What should be the right interpretation and display of that value?

It seems that a resolution of minutes would be sufficient because it
is unlikely that any vehicle would allow starting at a second other
than 0 within a minute, but keeping track of a time in seconds is a
pretty standard unit.

                                                        -- Steve

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