[Ovmsdev] TPMS Bug in ovms_server_v2.cpp?

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Fri Mar 6 18:31:12 HKT 2020

Hi all,

as I can't find the CAN-ID's for TPMS for the VW e-Up at the moment, I
thought I just disable the feature, so the app won't display the TPMS
boxes unnecessarily.

In OVMS v2 this was possible by setting car_stale_tpms = -1 so the last
number sent by the "W" message to the server was -1. With that -1 the
app will not display the TMPS boxes.

The code in ovms_server_v2.cpp for the message is now

  extram::ostringstream buffer;
    << "MP-0 W"
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_fr_p->AsString("0",PSI)
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_fr_t->AsString("0")
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_rr_p->AsString("0",PSI)
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_rr_t->AsString("0")
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_fl_p->AsString("0",PSI)
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_fl_t->AsString("0")
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_rl_p->AsString("0",PSI)
    << ","
    << StandardMetrics.ms_v_tpms_rl_t->AsString("0")
    << ((stale)?",0":",1")


and that gives no room for sending a -1 as far as I understand it.

Is this a bug, a feature, or am I missing something?

Thanx for help



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