[Ovmsdev] Gas vs. battery metric?

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Mon Jun 15 00:59:33 HKT 2020

Thank you for considering my thoughts.
I believe it is a good idea to use a v.tech variable and not using gas
or gazoline. That gives OVMS enough flexibility and is also a (little)
I'm also looking forward to rocket propulsion add ons :-))

Am Sonntag, den 14.06.2020, 08:21 -0700 schrieb Craig Leres:
> On 2020-06-13 08:31, Michael Balzer wrote:
> > How about adding an array or set metric like "v.ext" or "v.tech",
> > for
> > defined technology codes. A tag present in the metric means the
> > additional metrics, commands & configs for that technology are
> > available.
> My goal is to make it possible for the app to depict soc with
> something
> other than a battery graphic when the energy source is not a battery.
> How about v.tech with "battery" and "other" as the initial two
> possible
> values?
> 		Craig
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