[Ovmsdev] Gas vs. battery metric?

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Sat Jun 13 13:57:09 HKT 2020

Hi Craig,

I think this question could be thin ice :-)

We could start a highly political and emotional discussion on this.
Question is, do we want to support fossil fuel burning technology, or
do we want to make the statement, that the burning stuff aera is over
and if you want to use cool technology like OVMS, then come into the
future and buy an electric vehicle?

Now I'm definitly aware that there will be various different points of
view on this topic and that it is a hot topic. It is easy to drift into
arguing about how political or not OVMS should or could be and
political discussions in a large community mostly leed to emotional

I would like to go the way Robert Llewellyn (Youtube channel
Fullycharged) went, when he started to disagree with Johnny Smith on
wether to test hybrids on the channel or not. Robert decided not to do
so, because that would be the wrong signal to the viewers. But that
decission went to the point that Johnny left the show. So, as I said,
these discussions can be thin ice :-)

I'm interested to see where we will be going on this.



Am Freitag, den 12.06.2020, 16:09 -0700 schrieb Craig Leres:
> I'd like to add a boolean metric for gas vehicles as a prelude to the
> phone apps having this info. Would this be ok?
>     #define MS_V_MOT_GAS "v.m.gas"
>     ms_v_mot_gas = new OvmsMetricBool(MS_V_MOT_GAS);
> The default to false. The other way would be via OvmsMetricInt and an
> enum (or defines):
>     typedef enum : uint8_t
>       {
>       Battery = 0,
>       Gasoline = 1,
>     } metric_vehicle_t;
>     #define MS_V_MOT_TYPE "v.m.type"
>     ms_v_mot_type = new OvmsMetricInt(MS_V_MOT_TYPE);
> which would allow for more than two types.
> 		Craig
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