[Ovmsdev] Strange app behavior

Stephen Casner casner at acm.org
Tue Jun 9 01:02:53 HKT 2020

I'm running 3.2.012.  This morning when I went to check the status
after charging overnight, which had completed, the iPhone app was
behaving in a very strange manner.  I cycled a few times (for as long
as I watched) through three states at an interval on the order of
10-20 seconds:

1. 86%, ideal range 191, no charge connector icon.  Those range and
SOC numbers were correct, but the charge cable was connected.

2. 95%, ideal range 177, charge connector icon shown.

3. 48%, don't recall the range, no charge connector icon.

When I checked the Car screen, it too was cycling among showing no
numbers, showing old gray numbers, and showing some numbers in white.
I don't recall their accuracy.

Now after I finished my morning walk the display appears stable and
correct with 86%, ideal range 190, and charge connector icon shown.
The Car screen shows just old numbers in gray except for the aux
battery voltage.  Sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to grab

                                                        -- Steve

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