[Ovmsdev] VW e-Up read/poll via OBD is working

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Thu Jul 30 22:43:59 HKT 2020

Ahhh OK, I've found OvmsVehicle::virtual void TickerXXX(uint32_t ticker);
Got it! This was exactly my issue as I didn't know about any function 
which gets called regularly so I could check something like this...
It's not an ideal situation though: I just can slow down the poll after 
my fail-counter gets too high as I need to check when the car gets 
powered again. So all I can do is polling, lets say every 60 secs when 
the car is off, and increase it once its on. But there is now way around 
this 60-sec polling if the only thing I can do is poll :(

Afaik there is only the sharkcow's list below, reverse engineered by him 
from ODBeleven.

(dev)marxx exlpained to me: There is a gateway between the CAN-Buses and 
the OBD Connector in all VW-AG vehicles which only replies to polls and 
also acts as security gateway if you want to write to the buses.

So I think I cannot really do a can log or use re tool as the OBD 
interface stays quiet if I'm not polling it...

And as there is no other vehicle from VW,Seat,Skoda,Audi,etc. in OVMS. 
So I have no cheat-sheet :(

Anyhow... I would need to poll one ECU (is this the correct therm?) 
which doesn't shuts down... or maybe the issue is the OBD-gateway 
shutting down.

What do you think?


On 30.07.2020 16:17, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Soko,
> nice progress :-)
> If you can't detect vehicle state by listening to regular status CAN 
> frames, you can check the time since the last poll reply in the per 
> second ticker.
> As poll replies normally come in fast, you should be able to detect a 
> switch-off by a small timeout, say 3 seconds… probably need to add a 
> counter, as a single poll may get lost / ignored.
> CAN tx errors can be caused by other issues as well, so should 
> generally not be interpreted that way.
> But… are you sure there are no status frames on the bus? Have you done 
> a can log or tried the re tool?
> Regards,
> Michael
> Am 30.07.20 um 14:43 schrieb Soko:
>> Hi guys,
>> Want to report success on connecting and reading my VW e-Up via OBD 
>> cable using the Poller. As you can see in the screenshot of the log 
>> attached I get an IncomingPollReply(..) call and an SoC value of 33.333%
>> Once I turn of the ignition and lock the car though I don't get any 
>> replies no more (line D 793813) and then I get can1 errors... I'm 
>> polling with 10 seconds intervall.
>> I know that this is as it should be... but my issue is: I don't have 
>> any way to know if the ignition is on, the key is in, the car is 
>> running, the car is charging as the PIDs are not known for such 
>> values (afaik by the lists of sharkcow 
>> https://www.goingelectric.de/wiki/Liste-der-OBD2-Codes/).
>> So what would be the best approach to change the different polling 
>> states? Can I somehow get called (in my vehicle-class) if an 
>> can-error is thrown? Then I would increase the poll frequency.
>> Any suggestions?
>> thanks
>> Soko
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