[Ovmsdev] VW e-Up read/poll via OBD is working

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Thu Jul 30 20:43:25 HKT 2020

Hi guys,

Want to report success on connecting and reading my VW e-Up via OBD 
cable using the Poller. As you can see in the screenshot of the log 
attached I get an IncomingPollReply(..) call and an SoC value of 33.333%

Once I turn of the ignition and lock the car though I don't get any 
replies no more (line D 793813) and then I get can1 errors... I'm 
polling with 10 seconds intervall.

I know that this is as it should be... but my issue is: I don't have any 
way to know if the ignition is on, the key is in, the car is running, 
the car is charging as the PIDs are not known for such values (afaik by 
the lists of sharkcow 

So what would be the best approach to change the different polling 
states? Can I somehow get called (in my vehicle-class) if an can-error 
is thrown? Then I would increase the poll frequency.

Any suggestions?



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