[Ovmsdev] debugging CAN bus error flags

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Jul 17 16:44:25 HKT 2020


all error conditions can be relevant for debugging. For example if you
need to react to some frames as fast as possible, you may want to know
if/when overflows occur, as they indicate processing delays.

Also be aware LogStatus() injects the error status into the CAN logging
framework, while ESP_LOGW() only creates a system log entry.

Again for your error codes:
> 1970-01-01 13:01:41 NZDT E (89501) can: can2: intr=93510 rxpkt=127559 txpkt=14 errflags=0x23000001 rxerr=0 txerr=0 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=0 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
> 1970-01-01 13:01:41 NZDT E (89511) can: can2: intr=93511 rxpkt=127564 txpkt=14 errflags=0x23400401 rxerr=0 txerr=0 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=0 wdgreset=0 errreset=0
> 1970-01-01 13:01:41 NZDT E (89531) can: can2: intr=93525 rxpkt=127592 txpkt=14 errflags=0x22400402 rxerr=0 txerr=0 rxovr=0 txovr=0 txdelay=0 wdgreset=0 errreset=0

The strange combination 0x2300.... (error interrupt w/o error flags) may
here also indicate a bug / race condition in the driver.

Looking at the current code now: the LogStatus() call should also be
done after having collected all error info, but the handler adds
m_status.error_flags after the call. So the picture you got might be
wrong, I suggest verifying / debugging the handler first.


Am 17.07.20 um 09:31 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> Thanks Michael,
> That explains why I was struggling to decode the error flag. Having
> been through the MCP2515 docs and decoded the logged error flags can2
> is receiving they all relate to overflow of RXB0 but not RXB1. Hence
> this does not really pose or indicate a problem for the can bus /
> MCP2515 chip, correct? 
> So if I have understood the chip operation is there any reason for
> line 489 in mcp2515.cpp which causes these to be logged?
> 489: LogStatus(CAN_LogStatus_Error);
> As if RXB1 does overflow and cause a packet loss then line
> 467: ESP_LOGW(TAG, "CAN Bus 2/3 receive overflow; Frame lost.");
> deals with that?
> Cheers Derek
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