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Hi & welcome Andi :-)

It seems Eddy Vromen was the last to set up the build environment on

Maybe he can help you on details, but setup should generally still be
straight forward following the developer guide.

And no, PlatformIO is not an option.

Chris' latest work on the UpMiiGo integration isn't merged into the
master yet. He already has added a config option towards supporting
direct OBD2 connections.
To contribute to that, fork/attach to his repository:

Sadly, my Mii is still months away…

From the discussion on the GE forum I also think it's better to connect
via OBD2, the Comfort-CAN port seems to be too limited (by security
design). It's a good idea to reuse the existing shark fin antenna
though, maybe simple antenna cable extensions can be used so we can
place the module near the OBD2 port. I don't think using a bluetooth
OBD2 dongle is an option, as that would add a significant continuous
current draw.

If you haven't already, check out the list of UpMiiGo OBD2 codes already
collected on Goingelectric:


Am 08.07.20 um 09:13 schrieb Soko:
> Hey,
> I'm Soko and live in Austria/Europe. I'm a programmer since 20 years
> now, mainly (big) Windows applications (PowerBuilder, C#, .NET) with
> databases (MSSQL, Oracle, ...).
> I also dabble in Arduino/ESP32 programming with little projects for my
> home since 2 years.
> I've just bought the new version of the Volkswagen e-Up (equals Skoda
> citigo and Seat Mii) and was directed to your project by some guys
> over at www.goingelectric.de.
> I'd like to contribute to OVMS by adding the e-Up using the standard
> OBD2 cable (not the Komfort-CAN).
> My first hurdle though is to get the development environment under
> Windows up and running. Which seems to be a big task by itself. I
> guess using Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO (as I do for my Arduino
> projects) is no option, correct?
> I have to use this special "ESP IDF" to make it work...
> Is there any better/newer guide for me than page 6 of the developer
> guide doc?
> Thanks
> Andi
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