[Ovmsdev] Hi everyone

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Wed Jul 8 15:13:37 HKT 2020


I'm Soko and live in Austria/Europe. I'm a programmer since 20 years 
now, mainly (big) Windows applications (PowerBuilder, C#, .NET) with 
databases (MSSQL, Oracle, ...).

I also dabble in Arduino/ESP32 programming with little projects for my 
home since 2 years.

I've just bought the new version of the Volkswagen e-Up (equals Skoda 
citigo and Seat Mii) and was directed to your project by some guys over 
at www.goingelectric.de.

I'd like to contribute to OVMS by adding the e-Up using the standard 
OBD2 cable (not the Komfort-CAN).

My first hurdle though is to get the development environment under 
Windows up and running. Which seems to be a big task by itself. I guess 
using Visual Studio Code with PlatformIO (as I do for my Arduino 
projects) is no option, correct?

I have to use this special "ESP IDF" to make it work...

Is there any better/newer guide for me than page 6 of the developer 
guide doc?



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