[Ovmsdev] Scripting: Duktape update to version 2.5.0

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Fri Jan 3 03:13:56 HKT 2020

On 2020-01-02 00:29, Michael Balzer wrote:
 > Regarding my latest changes, you seem to build without SSL support, 
and I forgot some #ifdefs, will add them now.

I didn't do anything to intentionally disable SSL... And I even did a 
"make clean" before building which I thought was a way to pick up new 
sdkconfig options. But when I diff sdkconfig with 
support/sdkconfig.default.hw31 I see a lot is missing including 

Ah, I found something. At the start of a clean build (rm -rf build && 
gmake -j8):

     ice 509 % gmake -j8
     gmake: gcc: Command not found
     expr: syntax error
     # configuration written to 

This seems familiar but I can't figure out where "gcc" is hardcoded. 
Even when I use "gmake -j8 CC=gcc9" I don't get a dialog to add missing 
things to my sdkconfig. It looks like even "gmake defconfig" is a noop.

At this point I think I need a little more help.

On 2020-01-02 01:52, Michael Balzer wrote:
> I've added handling for the cases of missing SSL or Duktape support, please test.

72ae790 only fixed one of the two errors, see appended.


ice 1251 % gmake
Toolchain path: /home/ice/u0/leres/bin/xtensa-esp32-elf-gcc
Toolchain version: crosstool-ng-1.22.0-80-g6c4433a5
Compiler version: 5.2.0
Python requirements from 
are satisfied.

App "ovms3" version: 3.2.008-59-g051be7e4-dirty
In member function 'void 
DuktapeHTTPRequest::MongooseCallback(mg_connection*, int, void*)':
error: 'MG_SSL_ERROR' was not declared in this scope
          if (err == MG_SSL_ERROR)
gmake[1]: *** 
src/ovms_script.o] Error 1
gmake: *** [/home/ice/u0/leres/esp/esp-idf/make/project.mk:552: 
component-ovms_script-build] Error 2

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