[Ovmsdev] "Vehicle is idling": A new "Feature"?

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Fri Feb 7 15:43:43 HKT 2020


That would be the system thinking the vehicle is asleep, but speed > 0.

I did fix the roadster awake/sleep flag (which was not being set correctly before), so most likely this is something new.

The logic is in VehicleTicker1() in vehicle.cpp. It is:

// Idle alert:
if (!StdMetrics.ms_v_env_awake->AsBool() || StdMetrics.ms_v_pos_speed->AsFloat() > 0)
  m_idle_ticker = 15 * 60; // first alert after 15 minutes
else if (m_idle_ticker > 0 && --m_idle_ticker == 0)
  m_idle_ticker = 60 * 60; // successive alerts every 60 minutes

So, that resets the fifteen minute timer whenever the vehicle is either asleep OR speed>0 (driving). Otherwise the timer counts down, and after 15 minutes the alert is raised (and every 60 minutes thereafter until either the vehicle goes to sleep or speed>0).

For roadster, that work work. The car can ‘awake’ itself for charging,etc.

I am not really sure why we are using ms_v_env_awake in the first place here. Why do we care if the vehicle is awake or not? Surely we should be looking at ms_v_env_on (ie; vehicle switched on)? But for JDEMO users that would cause a problem (as for they have to leave the vehicle ignition on while charging).

Maybe simplest to disable this alert for Roadster, unless someone else has any better ideas. In any case, we need to think about using ms_v_env_awake vs ms_v_env_on.

Regards, Mark.

> On 7 Feb 2020, at 2:22 AM, Greg D. <gregd2350 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm starting to get an alert "Vehicle is idling / stopped turned on"
> when my Roadster is charging.  Seems to occur every hour.
> Is this something new with OVMSv3, or did something change / break on my
> car?
> Greg
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