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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
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A quick addition:

Chris' work will be covering at least three new vehicles. The same vehicle drive train & electronics is used on…

  * VW e-Up
  * SEAT Mii electric 

…also called "the new trio". These are very attractive vehicles with a good balancing of price and capabilities, and very good efficiency.

It's quite possible the code can also partially be used on other VW vehicles (e-Golf, ID.3?), as VW tends to reuse components & protocols.


Am 05.02.20 um 10:44 schrieb Chris van der Meijden:
> Dear OVMS-devs,
> my name is Chris van der Meijden (devmarxx) and I just started a new project on integrating the VW e-Up into OVMS.
> I mailed with Michael and he provided me with usefull procedure hints. I forked OVMS V3 and the Android code into my github
> account https://github.com/devmarxx?tab=repositories and commited my changes to the code there. I also started a pull request, but there is no
> hurry, because my vehicle code is just a template at the moment (like the Fiat 500 e code). The Android code is complete, but Michael is quite
> right that it would confuse the users to suddenly see the VW e-Up when there is still no functionality, so no hurry there too.
> My experience on OVMS so far is, that have been playing with the code for about 4 years. It started all because at that time I could not use
> the Android app on my Cyanogenmod phone due to the "google services" popup. I checked out the source code, removed the google check line and
> voila I could use the app with my Twizy and with my server :-)
> Later we bought a Nissan Leaf and I came in contact with Tom Parker. I had already set up the OVMS V2 toolchain, so it was very nice that I
> could use Tom's code to get the climate control of the Leaf to work. Always nice mail contact with Tom. Amazing the we can work together in
> New Zealand and Germany without ever have met. That where good times :-)
> So now we bought a VW e-Up, that will be delivered hopefully in April. So I thought now is a good time to get started with OVMS for the VW
> e-Up. I decided to connect to the vehicle not over the OBD connector, but through the OCU plug of the VW e-Up. By doing so I hope to bypass
> the complicated VW CAN TP2.0 protocoll and I will have direct access to the the VW comfort CAN. Time will tell if that is the right decission.
> I started a thread at the german goingelectric forum. Here I'll post my "adventures" (in German) and I hope to find some co-coders there
> too https://www.goingelectric.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=54620
> Well .. So far my little introduction. 
> Looking forward to do some happy coding together.
> Greetinx
> Chris
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