[Ovmsdev] Reverse connections (module -> developer)

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Feb 4 06:11:26 HKT 2020

>  2. Leverage SSH
>     SSH has a port forwarding facility built in, that wolfssh seems to
>     support. It is also possible to do a reverse ssh client.
>     The advantage here is security (very strong encryption and
>     authentication).
>     The disadvantage is complexity and the fact that the developer end
>     needs to poke a hole in their firewall (and possibly do NAT port
>     forwarding, etc) to allow the incoming connections from the car.

> P.S. To save you time, the reverse SSH (using normal Unix like systems) 
> works like this:
>     Say developer at IP address A wants to connect to module at IP
>     address B.
>         On the module: $ ssh -R 19999:localhost:22 <user-A>@<A>
>         (And go through authentication for B to ssh to A)
>         Then, on the developer’s workstation: $ ssh -p 19999
>         <user-B>@localhost

I like #2, I can imagine something in ovms to try manage a ssh session 
and try and keep it logged in. And some config to keep a ssh key and 
port configuration. Seems like this could be used for canbus log capture 


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