[Ovmsdev] Pushover

Tamás Kovács kommykt at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 03:47:55 HKT 2020

I updated my fork with the main repo and now pushover not working. I send a
test message, and get the following in logs:

I (548904) webserver: HTTP GET /cfg/notification
I (553254) webserver: HTTP POST /cfg/notification
I (553284) pushover: Sending message teszt with priority 0
E (570654) mongoose: mg_ssl_mbed_log      0x3fa44e14
mbedtls_ssl_fetch_input() returned -1 (-0x0001)
E (570654) mongoose: mg_ssl_mbed_log      0x3fa44e14
ssl_get_next_record() returned -1 (-0x0001)
E (570654) mongoose: mg_ssl_mbed_log      0x3fa44e14
mbedtls_ssl_read_record() returned -1 (-0x0001)
E (570654) mongoose: mg_ssl_if_mbed_err   0x3fa44e14 SSL error: -1
I (570654) pushover: PushoverMongooseCallback(MG_EV_CONNECT=-3:)
E (570654) pushover: Connection failed
I (570664) ovms-server-v2: Send MP-0 PIConnection failed
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