[Ovmsdev] VW e-Up project

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Wed Feb 5 17:44:13 HKT 2020

Dear OVMS-devs,

my name is Chris van der Meijden (devmarxx) and I just started a new
project on integrating the VW e-Up into OVMS.

I mailed with Michael and he provided me with usefull procedure hints.
I forked OVMS V3 and the Android code into my github account https://gi
thub.com/devmarxx?tab=repositories and commited my changes to the code
there. I also started a pull request, but there is no hurry, because my
vehicle code is just a template at the moment (like the Fiat 500 e
code). The Android code is complete, but Michael is quite right that it
would confuse the users to suddenly see the VW e-Up when there is still
no functionality, so no hurry there too.

My experience on OVMS so far is, that have been playing with the code
for about 4 years. It started all because at that time I could not use
the Android app on my Cyanogenmod phone due to the "google services"
popup. I checked out the source code, removed the google check line and
voila I could use the app with my Twizy and with my server :-)

Later we bought a Nissan Leaf and I came in contact with Tom Parker. I
had already set up the OVMS V2 toolchain, so it was very nice that I
could use Tom's code to get the climate control of the Leaf to work.
Always nice mail contact with Tom. Amazing the we can work together in
New Zealand and Germany without ever have met. That where good times :-

So now we bought a VW e-Up, that will be delivered hopefully in April.
So I thought now is a good time to get started with OVMS for the VW e-
Up. I decided to connect to the vehicle not over the OBD connector, but
through the OCU plug of the VW e-Up. By doing so I hope to bypass the
complicated VW CAN TP2.0 protocoll and I will have direct access to the
the VW comfort CAN. Time will tell if that is the right decission.

I started a thread at the german goingelectric forum. Here I'll post my
"adventures" (in German) and I hope to find some co-coders there too ht

Well .. So far my little introduction. 

Looking forward to do some happy coding together.


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