[Ovmsdev] Android App V3.17.3

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Tue Dec 29 03:58:13 HKT 2020

…is now being processed by the Play Store.

Release info:


Note: you can download the APK files of the current and previous 

To install an App from an APK file, you need to allow installing from 
"unknown sources" in your Android security configuration.

  3.17.3 (2020-12-28)

  * Overall image size optimizations
  * Volt/Ampera: images for doors, lighting, charge port
  * Nicer light images for VW e-Up / Mii / Citigo
  * Add "car_hvac_on" flag to Update Broadcast Intent
  * Add car service interval info if available


Michael Balzer * Helkenberger Weg 9 * D-58256 Ennepetal
Fon 02333 / 833 5735 * Handy 0176 / 206 989 26

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