[Ovmsdev] Fireplace app

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Mon Dec 28 17:34:13 HKT 2020

I'm writing a little Android app with Cordova to do something similar
as Tesla's "Romance mode". The app will turn climate control on or off 
and will show a burning log fire while the car is heating.

As cordova uses HTML and Javascript you can see an online preview here:


When you click or tap on the fireplace the countdown for turning
"climatecontrol" on ticks down for 17 seconds. After that the fire
starts "moving" and on webkit browsers you will hear a tickling sound.
When you click or tap again the tickling will stop and you will get a
static image again. You will also get a red bar for 10 seconds, turning
"climatecontrol" off and blocking any new commands for those 10

When you click or tap on the yellow bar you will be able to store your
OVMS credentials (vehicle ID and password). Cave: this is done in plain
text with window.localstorage so the password will be plain readable
from the local storage within the browser on your device.

The credentials are needed to communicate with the Android OVMS app, as
I am planning to use the "SendCommand Broadcast Intent data"
functionality of the OVMS app. I should be able to do that via this
cordova plugin:


I read the OVMS "SendCommand Broadcast Intent data" documentation here:


but it is not clear to me, how I can initiate the "climatecontrol on"
shell command over the broadcast. So would like to ask for help on that

Once the app is up and running it should be usable for any vehicle with
OVMS climate control implemented. 

Just a little gimmick. But fun :-))




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