[Ovmsdev] Advice - mapping I3 data to the standard metrics

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Dec 20 01:13:49 HKT 2020

You propose "v.e." probably due to the "v.e.charging12v" and ".aux12v" 
flags? I think these are misplaced in "v.e." (as some others). We should 
probably rename them mid to long term.

"e" has been used (also by me) as a pool for stuff that didn't fit 
elsewhere, but we probably should try to clean this up so its 
"environment" again (meaning any kind of environmental influence or 
control). The DC converter doesn't really fit there.

I would rather place the DC converter metrics in the charger namespace, 
e.g. "v.c.12v.temp", as the DC converter often is a part / subsystem of 
the charger, and it's main purpose normally is charging and assisting 
the 12V battery.

Another option could be the 12V battery namespace, e.g. 
"v.b.12v.c.temp", but the DC converter isn't a subordinate of the battery.

In all cases I'd like to keep the "12v" tag associated here, so all 12v 
related metrics can be queried by a simple "me li 12v" and subscribed to 
with a single topic pattern.



Am 19.12.20 um 15:37 schrieb sharkcow:
>>>         // Temperature of the DCDC board / Temperatur des DCDC Boards
>>> 2020-12-16 17:59:10 SAST D (289285) v-bmwi3: From ECU EME, pid
>>> AE_TEMP_LE: got STAT_TEMP_DCDC_GR_WERT=31.6524"°C"
>> No standard metrics, but that's a candidate. But again, only one
>> temperature (the most relevant for the user) will be standard.
> I'd like to second that: the VW e-Up also has a DC/DC-temperature. I
> propose the new standard metric
> v.e.dcdctemp
> and would add it in a pull request if nobody objects.
> sharkcow
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