[Ovmsdev] Simple TCP client

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Aug 25 01:41:34 HKT 2020

On 2020-08-24 09:01, Soko wrote:
> Before I decide how to do this I would like to explore the other way: My 
> home automation is polling the data from OVMS.
> I have had a look to the HTTP API. But it seems this is an API for the 
> server on the internet and not for OVMS itself, correct?
> Next option: My home automation does a simple HTTP-GET to OVMS and reads 
> data like this.
> Is there a way to read metrics like this?
> I have found the config->webserver site. I could point it to an own dir 
> like /store/data. Now I could write/update one file there from my 
> vehicle-module called "current" with all the data I need. Then simply to 
> a http-get to and I get the data of the file. Is it 
> easy - and most important: allowed - to write/update into a file in OVMS.

I think I see another way for you to do this. Your original ask was:

On 2020-08-23 09:00, Soko wrote:
 > I have my own home automation running at home. I want to push the
 > current values (SoC, odometer, ...) once my car is in the driveway and
 > OVMS is booked into my WiFi. My home automation has a TCP server running
 > were I process the data further.

This might help, here's what I'm doing.

I setup a mqtt server on a public server (I found mosquitto easy to 
setup and use). I configured my modules to talk to it using the V3 
server settings. At this point my vehicle metrics are available via the 
mqtt server.

Next I wrote a persistent daemon using the python paho-mqtt module. It 
subscribes to some vehicle metrics and posts nagios passive results. 
I've attached a screen grab of the current state of one of my cars.

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