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Soko ovms at soko.cc
Tue Aug 18 18:00:43 HKT 2020

Hi Michael,

Just to make sure: I'm talking about charging the main battery, not the 
12V battery. But I didn't check the status of the 12V battery. But it 
would be weird to happen 2 times during a charging process exactly after 
20 mins.
What I did is to log a complete main battery charge. Results/Details see 
here: https://www.goingelectric.de/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1327718#p1327718

To your 2nd email:
Yes, the values are for the DC converter of the main battery, not the 
one for the 12V battery. All values are from this ECU: 


On 18.08.2020 11:54, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Soko,
> was the charger actually working, i.e. charge in progress? If not, 
> maybe it goes asleep as soon as the 12V aux battery is topped off, and 
> another ignition state change simply reactivates the topping off cycle.
> Regards,
> Michael
> Am 16.08.20 um 16:28 schrieb Soko:
>> Hi guys,
>> Question for the CAN and ECU experts:
>> I am logging into the battery charger ECU on my eUp via the extended 
>> diag session code. Otherwise I get 7F as reply.
>> I am interested in the power efficiency (pe) and power loss (pl) values.
>> It seems though as they have another timeout than the ext diag 
>> session as I am polling it every 5 seconds. So ext diag is "always on".
>> But after 20 minutes during charging the values change from the 
>> realistic ones to pe=100% and pl=0. To get the real values back I 
>> have to unlock the car and turn the ignition. Then I can turn off and 
>> lock the car again.
>> Now to the question: Is this behaviour somehow known from other 
>> vehicles as well or can it be an error in my code not sending the ext 
>> diag msg correctly?
>> Although when I dont send it at all I dont get even a value for pe 
>> and pl, just the 7F error msg.
>> So do you think it is possible to get those values for longer than 20 
>> mins without having to turn the ignition? Or am I out of luck here as 
>> it seems to be some VW specific thing...
>> thx
>> Soko
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