[Ovmsdev] Frequent Crashes

Derek Caudwell d.caudwell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 14:52:16 HKT 2020

Hi Michael,

The following is the content of my "dummy" script, so it shouldn't cause
any looping issues:
 var history = {
  "test": [],
  "v.p.odometer": [],
  "v.p.altitude": [],
  "v.b.energy.used": [],
  "v.b.energy.recd": [],
var lastOdo = 0;
var saveOdo = 0;

print(Duktape.enc('jc', history));

I deleted the script and folder before seeing your suggestion on task
priority, but I could reinstate and try at some point.

Since deleting the script and the events folder the module has been stable
for over 10 hours. I see there is garbage collection every 60s which seems
to match the crash timings to within a second or so, could this be the

Kind regards
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