[Ovmsdev] Polling keeps car awake (VW e-Up at least)

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Aug 3 02:12:19 HKT 2020


polling may keep the car awake, that's also an issue on the Kia e-Niro IIRC.

Changing the PollState can only affect the car indirectly via the
changed polls. Maybe you could add your code & a log?

Regarding the poll replies stopping, is that also reflected in a CAN
log? Maybe the OBD gateway throttles if it sees too many requests?
(Hopefully not…)

If the gateway does throttling: do you login to the OBD as a "tester"
and keep the session active by periodically sending the "tester present"


Am 02.08.20 um 19:30 schrieb Soko:
> Heya again,
> I'm trying to develop a detection for when the car is off/locked but
> I'm encountering a weird phenomena:
>   * Car is shut down and locked
>   * OVMS connected
>   * CAN poll for voltage (only one poll value active) with 30 secs
>     fails with error (so far nothing weird)
>   * Unlock the car via car-key remote
>   * Poll succeeds and I'm switching from PollState=0 to PollState=1
>     where I poll every 2 secs
>   * Lock the car via car-key remote
>   * _After 1 hour the polls still work and the car is active_
> Is something like this known from other vehicles? So basically my car
> never shuts down :(
> Another secondary weird thing:
> When increasing the time to 5 secs for PollState=1 the polls get no
> reply and after 20 secs I swap back to PollState=0.
> BUT the second the PollState changes the car replies again...
> Even more weirdness: When PollState=1 time is 10 secs and I swap back
> to Pollstate=0 after 40 secs the same thing happens! Immediately I
> swap to PollState=0 the car replies again.
> As if the PollState switching somehow wakes the car up??!
> Any ideas?
> Soko
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