[Ovmsdev] Android Studio first-time setup

Derek Caudwell d.caudwell at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 03:42:41 HKT 2020

Ok, so with a bit of trial and error on Android Studio for Windows I have
got to the point it will build the Apk successfully.

In case it assists others here are the steps I took (not all may be

Under Tools | SDK Manager select Android Pie API level 28
Also check under Tools | SDK Manager | SDK Tools that Android SDK Build -
Tools and Android SDK Platform - Tools are selected.

Under gradle scripts create a gradle.properties file with the following:


This step removed the AndroidX build dependency requirement error.

However, doing so then creates build dependency errors on pre-AndroidX

Under Settings | Required Plugins select Android APK Support and
Android Support.

The normal Build process should then complete without any errors.


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