[Ovmsdev] 3.2.011 BUG for MIEV based cars

Michael Eric Menk mikeemenk at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 03:38:21 HKT 2020

On 17.04.2020 20:51, Tamás Kovács wrote:
> What is the previous version of OVMS fw installed. The charge
> detection commited at 2019 dec 25 the next OVMS release is 3.2.009.
My previous version is 3.2.008

> No crash/reboot/fw update during charge?

No, completely stable. But I do not have a SD car installed for logging.

But it is partially working...

The DC kWh number is stored and updating when charging.

the only place I find that it updates is inside :

if (StandardMetrics.ms_v_charge_inprogress->AsBool())
          ms_v_charge_dc_kwh->SetValue((ms_v_charge_dc_kwh->AsFloat() +
(StandardMetrics.ms_v_bat_power->AsFloat() / -360000.0)));

This indicates that the StandardMetrics.ms_v_charge_inprogress is set
correctly, but there is no charge status in the app, command-line or on

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