[Ovmsdev] Flash memory and developement setup

Eddy Vromen eddy_vromen at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 8 08:37:33 HKT 2020

HI All,

I have a question about the flash memory of the ESP32.
I read that the ESP32 uses 16Mb of external flash memory and in the schematics on page 27 there is a flash memory chip. However, in the latest v3.2 schematics there is no external flash chip.
Am I correct to assume that the 16Mb of memory is on the  module now?
How does this impact the e-fuse settings?

Another question that came up while setting up a development environment:
The version of esp-idf thats used by the OVSM project uses the Mingw32  environment. Based on my limited exposure to using this environment, its very slow compared to compiling esp-idf code under e.g. platformio under VSCode.
How are the core developers dealing with this slowness?
Is it at all possible, if i could force platformio to use the correct the idf-esp libraries, to compile the OVMS code in a  more recent environment that uses cmake and ninja?


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