[Ovmsdev] Android app updated, lost my car

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Sep 22 05:27:36 HKT 2019

Yes, that happened to my phone installation as well, and to many others.

It didn't happen when running the build directly from Android Studio on my devices.

We didn't change anything about the config storage data structures. We only changed the minimum API level support from 14 to 16 (there were no installations on
API 14 anymore) and the target API level from 27 to 28:


I just also got reports from people who cannot start the new App at all, even not after erasing the config data. One report says it can only enter the config
while the phone is on flight mode (no network), and it will crash as soon as network is reactivated.

I have no idea how that could happen by that API level change. Google magic.


Am 21.09.19 um 20:33 schrieb Greg D.:
> Last night the Android app updated on my phone.  I'm still getting
> alerts from the car, but the only car shown on the app is the
> "Demonstration car", which of course, isn't active.
> I've added the car back, and it seems to be working.  So, just FYI.
> Greg
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