[Ovmsdev] Zoe Compatibility PR #160?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Sep 16 04:59:43 HKT 2019

It seems both Zoe developers have abandoned working on this and there's no change in sight.

Both had signaled cooperating on merging the features, then Marco went offline. Some months later Wolfgang said he may take on the work some day, but he didn't
come back on this.

I second merging Marcos PR. Having some support is better than none. It seems few developers actually buy Zoes, but maybe adding the basic support motivates
someone to improve on it.

Any objections to including this in the 3.2.003 release?


Am 15.09.19 um 19:42 schrieb Glyn Hudson:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know the latest status of Zoe compatibility, in particular
> this PR by mmezog
> https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/pull/160
> I gather reading the PR comments that Michael was keen to wait for
> Wolfgang to create a PR with more advanced Zoe support. However, this
> was almost a year ago and Wolfgang has not responded. If mmezog code
> is functional would it not be a good idea to merge this PR then at
> least basic Zoe functionality would be available? It doesn't look like
> Wolfgang is activity developing, his V3 repo fork has not been updated
> since Jan 2018.

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