[Ovmsdev] Time for 3.2.003?

Marko Juhanne marko.juhanne at gmail.com
Mon Sep 2 16:44:45 HKT 2019


my pull request is still pending. But if you are planning another release,
maybe it's better to make a feature freeze now for the sake of stability
and merge my changes after this release. It's not just major update to
Volt/Ampera but few changes to MCP2515, CAN, SIMCOM etc, so there is
potential for breaks.


On Mon, Sep 2, 2019 at 10:04 AM Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net>

> I think it is well past time for a 3.2.003 release. Things seems table in
> edge (although some things only partially implemented).
> Anything people want to include at the last minute, or can we go ahead and
> build?
> Regards, Mark.
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