[Ovmsdev] 40kwh leaf

Glyn Hudson glyn.hudson at openenergymonitor.org
Mon Sep 23 17:59:44 HKT 2019

Hi guys,

In a couple of weeks time I will have on lone for a week a 40kwh 2018 leaf.
I briefly tested ovms on the 40kwh leaf a while back but no metrics seems
to be supported.

I'll do my best in this time to try and figure out what's different between
the older and newer model of the leaf to work towards adding support.

Does anyone know if the 40kwh leaf CAN frames has been decoded? If so is
this documented anywhere? There must be some major changes since not even a
single metric seemed to work when I tested briefly.

What would be the most useful data I could capture during my time with the
new leaf? It would be great to be able to add ovms support the new leaf.

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