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Welcome Jaunius :)

Sounds like some nice extra features for the Leaf, especially for cold climates. As the Leaf has some degradation issues with hot climates as
well, maybe a battery cooling assist could also be valuable. I still don't understand why Nissan -again- decided against an active battery
temperature management.

I think we will create a general place / path scheme for plugins. Mark already suggested that for web plugins some time ago, but it seems it
won't be unusual for plugins to consist of a backend and frontend part.


Am 29.10.19 um 19:59 schrieb Jaunius Kapkan:
> Hi,
> Great! Figured it's time to introduce myself as initially suggested by Michael.
> My name is Jaunius Kapkan.
> I have 2013 leaf for over 3 years now with 107k km and ~70 SOH.
> I am familiar with low level networking and dissecting packets on wireshark. But don’t have much experience with CAN communication. I work
> with Bash, Python, Javascript, HTML daily, but have no problems using other languages when needed.
> My goal is to make some cool stuff for my Leaf and if possible make it compatable for use with other cars. All during my spare time.
> Current Projects:
>   * *Local Climate Control Timer. *
>       o Story:
>           + Built-in Timer only works if connected to the charger and only has 2 timers available.
>       o Features:
>           + Unlimited amount of timers (as long as RAM allows it)
>           + Unrestricted CC operation time
>           + Ability to set all timers in GUI by implementing it as plugin
>       o Status:
>           + Backend module done. Now Testing & working onthe frontend.
>   * *Heating Assist*
>       o Story:
>           + My PTC Heater fried so I have bought a 2x 200W 12V PTCs for 30 EUR in total (meanwhile  original replacement unit is 400-800
>             EUR) and put them in the old heater's place. I connected them trough relay, but did not want to control them manually. So I have
>             wired the relay switch to ext12v power output of the OVMS.
>       o Features:
>           + Each 5 seconds script checks if the heater is on and if so it will engage the ext12v power and vice-versa.
>           + Still thinking if GUI is needed for this, very limited usage for others.
>       o Status:
>           + Initial module done. Now beta testing.  
> Future Development:
> One of the first things after these two is to make smart charge JS module/plugin to charge battery to specific % for specific departure time.
> The goal here is to have the battery sitting at high SOC the least possible amount of time.
> Once I believe it's safe ENOUGH for others to use these plugins/modules I will make them open source.
> Meanwhile you can follow me on twitter (boring..) https://twitter.com/mjkapkan
> And also I just created a youtube channel where I will be posting videos of my experience with EV & Solar projects.
> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTPA0HdTCBmzwpxNtNaY4tg
> PS: My initial plan was to work on the iOS app, but it seems that one needs to have a MAC for that (and I don't). I am just a Linux Lover that
> happens to own an iPhone :).
> Feel free to reach out!
> Warmly,
> Jaunius
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