[Ovmsdev] PSRAM issue, unicore build

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Oct 19 03:04:28 HKT 2019


the PSRAM issue still isn't solved, users reported new events and I had two events myself today. So toolkit -98 also doesn't fix the issue completely for us.

Following the findings of @neoniusTR (Thomas Rogg), I have enabled building the OVMS in FreeRTOS unicore mode, i.e. FreeRTOS and all tasks only running on core 0.

My previous load measurements showed we're only using max. ~20% of the CPU, and my test runs with a unicore build don't exhibit any slowness or sluggishness.

To use unicore mode, build with CONFIG_FREERTOS_UNICORE=Y.

I've just released the unicore build to my edge branch on dexters-web.de so will be able to gather some user feedback.


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