[Ovmsdev] 3.2.006 Release to Early Access Program

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Sat Nov 30 11:48:25 HKT 2019

https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2346 <https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2346>

Today, we are pleased to release v3.2.006 to Early Access Program. A summary of the major changes is here:
2019-11-30 MWJ  3.2.006  OTA release
- Web UI: Calibration and configuration aid for 12v monitor
-         Log monitoring via web shell
- EGPIO/MAX7317: Port input monitoring, metrics, events, documentation
- Powermgmt: New automatic power management module
- Scripting: OvmsMetrics.AsJSON(), OvmsEvents, and OvmsNotify added
- Logging: file logging moved to dedicated task (improved performance)
- SWCAN: Support for add-on SWCAN module
         (see https://github.com/mjuhanne/OVMS-SWCAN)
- Pushover: New Pushover notification framework support
- SIMCOM: Allow user to set custom SIM PIN code
- Metrics: 'metric list -s' shows metric age and staleness
- Others: Factory reset from web/remote shell by
          "module factory reset -noconfirm"
- Renault Zoe: Basic Metrics and charging status added, trip notify,
               web config for battery capacity
- Volt/Ampera: Major update (including web config, SWCAN support, etc)
- Twizy: Send custom OBD2 requests, output response as hex dump
-        Immediate tuning metrics updates (was delegated to ticker before)
For full detail on all changes, check the GitHub revision history. The v3 modules can be updated over the air (wifi), via SD CARD, or over USB - all without requiring special hardware programmers like the PICKIT used for v2. The simplest way to update the module firmware is to connect it as a client to your wifi network (or phone hotspot), and then use the web interface Config / Firmware / Flash-from-Web; that will show you the version you are running, as well as the latest version available for update. One click on 'Flash now' and the update will be downloaded and installed. Alternatively, you can download the firmware update to a file named ovms3.bin in the root directory of a FAT formatted SD CARD and insert the card into the module's slot - the new firmware will be updated automatically and the file renamed ovms3.done to signify completion. This firmware also includes the feature to check for and automatically update to newly available firmware, every night (so long as the vehicle is connected to WiFi). After updating to 3.1.005 or later, you can enable this for future firmware releases with 'config ota auto yes'.
You can choose the release level by setting 'config ota tag edge | eap | main', as one of:
edge: Bleeding edge developer nightly-builds
eap: Early Access Program (full releases, but with little public testing)
main: Publicly tested full releases (the most stable)

Thank you to all the open source developers who have contributed to this, and previous, releases, and thank you for your support of the project.
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