[Ovmsdev] Cannot reset simcom stuck in PoweringOn state without removing module power

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sun Nov 17 09:39:57 HKT 2019

Maybe this has been discussed and I missed it but occasionally I'll get 
a module with the modem/simcom stuck in the PoweringOn state. Rebooting 
does not fix this.

I thought I saw that you could reset the simcom with:

     power simcom off
     [wait a minute]
     power simcom on

but that doesn't work. I turned up some logging:

     log monitor
     log level verbose simcom

and I see this happen about every 30 seconds:

     I (2204129) simcom: State timeout, transition to 2
     I (2204129) simcom: State: Enter PoweringOn state
     I (2204129) simcom: Power Cycle

I thought this level of logging would let me see the results of command 

     simcom muxtx 3 at+csq

(signal quality) but I don't see anything after sending it.

Is there a way to hardware reset the simcom? (Is there any reason this 
doesn't happen when the ovms module reboots?)


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