[Ovmsdev] Reseller, Vehicle Support Table, Fully Charge Live & Hyundai

Glyn Hudson glyn.hudson at openenergymonitor.org
Sun May 26 02:47:02 HKT 2019

Great work developing OVMS, I've been running OVMS for nearly a year
now in my Nissan LEAF and e-NV200. It's worked flawlessly, so much
better than the Nissan Connect. I'm very enthusiastic about EV's and
open-source solutions. I'm the co-founder of the
https://OpenEnergyMonitor.org project to design and build open-source
hardware and software tools for monitoring energy. We have also
recently branched out into manufacturing web-connected EV charging
stations in collaboration with OpenEVSE.

I have been in communication with Mark and Michael regarding reselling
OVMS hardware via our web store: http://shop.openenergymonitor.com.

I have been working on producing an updated vehicle support table
since the table currently on the website is missing a lot of EV's OVMS
now supports. Please help me compile this table:

I have an exhibitor stand for OpenEnergyMonitor at Fully Charged Live
Event in a couple of weeks (7th, 8th, 9th June) in Silverstone, UK. I
hope setup a demo display for OVMS. I'm also keen to meetup with any
other OVMS devs /
enthusiasts at fully changed live. Let me know if you will be attending.

Finally, has anyone done any tested with OVMS on a Hyundai Ioniq /
Kona EV? I'm aware the Kone shares many of the same EV components as
the Kia e-niro therefore OVMS may work with a Kona. It would be really
great to support the Ioniq and Kona since these EV's currently do no
have app support in Europe.

Best wishes,

All the best,

Glyn Hudson


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