[Ovmsdev] Reseller, Vehicle Support Table, Fully Charge Live & Hyundai

Timo Penttilä timo.penttila at codetap.se
Wed Jun 5 15:04:06 HKT 2019

I’m helping Geir with the KIA e-Niro in OVMS, since he sold his car.
There is no remote preheating available for the KIA cars yet.

Timo Penttilä

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Does the e-Niro really support remote pre-heating ?

I don’t think so. It would have to implement the CommandClimateControl() method, but I don’t see that. A rough ‘fgrep -r’ on the components/vehicle_* tree shows this implemented in NissanLeaf and SmartED only (and the SmartED implementation seems to set a charge timer).

Regards, Mark.

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On 25 May 2019, at 19:47, Glyn Hudson <glyn.hudson at openenergymonitor.org<mailto:glyn.hudson at openenergymonitor.org>> wrote:

I have been working on producing an updated vehicle support table
since the table currently on the website is missing a lot of EV's OVMS
now supports. Please help me compile this table:

Does the e-Niro really support remote pre-heating ?

I've not yet been able to get hold of an OVMS v3 and I have a Hyundai Kona ( although should be the same as the e-Niro ), so I've only been browsing the source.  But it looked to me that it will display when preheading was manually set, but not send a command to enable it.

Happy to be wrong on this !

I have an exhibitor stand for OpenEnergyMonitor at Fully Charged Live
Event in a couple of weeks (7th, 8th, 9th June) in Silverstone, UK. I
hope setup a demo display for OVMS. I'm also keen to meetup with any
other OVMS devs /
enthusiasts at fully changed live. Let me know if you will be attending.

I'll be attending on Saturday ... will you be selling them ?


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