[Ovmsdev] SWCAN and enhanced Ampera/Volt support

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Fri Jul 19 01:48:54 HKT 2019

On 2019-07-17 23:14, Marko Juhanne wrote:
> I've been tinkering with OVMS and Opel Ampera these few past months, and 
> the I've made some progress with the SWCAN support.
> As you know, the SN65 transceiver cannot do High-Voltage Wake Up, so 
> many of the nice-to-have polling and remote controlling functions are 
> not available on those cars that rely on it, such as Volt/Ampera. So 
> I've created an add-on SWCAN board that attaches to the internal OVMS 
> extension header. The board uses TH8056 transceiver, which is 
> specifically designed for SWCAN bus. As for the controller, same MCP2515 
> is used as in OVMS.

I recently started playing with the single wire can in my 2014 CTS-V. I 
currently have my ovms module connected too both the high speed and 
single wire buses so I'm guessing I'll be able to wake the car up using 
the high speed bus?

I've seen that TH8056 part before; I want to swap the mirror in my 
Cadillac with the 6th gen Camaro "rimless" mirror (see attached). But 
since my car has the nav radio (which can be used for the backup camera 
display) it does not use the can bus mirror. Which doesn't really matter 
because the Camaro mirror is clearly expecting can frames my Cadillac 
does not generate. Also the stock mirror has hard onstar buttons and the 
Camaro mirror sends can frames when you press the (touch screen) 
buttons. So I want to build something to sit between the Camaro mirror 
and car bus (and hard button lines).

Anyway the 6th gen Camaro mirror uses the TH8056.


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