[Ovmsdev] esp-idf v3.3

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Jul 21 05:21:53 HKT 2019

FYI: I've merged the current v3.3 status and am now running the new build (toolchain still 1.22.0-93-gf6c4cdf) on my modules.

I though it would be easier to merge v3.2 first, but that didn't work out. The current v3.2 status seems to have a bug, it wouldn't link due to too many
segments. The segments have been introduced by a wifi blob update to support a new wifi IRAM optimization, but that needs a linker script & esptool update as
well, that seems to be available only in the v3.3 branch.

So I merged v3.3 directly afterwards, and that builds without issues.

So far I haven't noticed any relevant problems running the new build. On stopping the wifi module, two event errors get logged, and the AP network interface
remains configured as up:

    OVMS# wifi mode off
    Stopping wifi station...
    I (1307252) esp32wifi: Stopping WIFI station
    I (1307252) netmanager: Interface priority is pp3 ( gateway
    I (1307252) netmanager: Set DNS#2
    I (1307252) netmanager: WIFI client down (with MODEM up): reconfigured for MODEM priority
    I (1307252) wifi: state: run -> init (0)
    I (1307262) wifi: pm stop, total sleep time: 1100678913 us / 1301859253 us
    I (1307262) wifi: new:<1,0>, old:<1,1>, ap:<1,1>, sta:<1,0>, prof:1
    E (1307262) event: system_event_sta_disconnected_handle_default 294 esp_wifi_internal_reg_rxcb ret=0x3014
    E (1307262) event: system_event_ap_stop_handle_default 223 esp_wifi_internal_reg_rxcb ret=0x3014
    W (1307262) netmanager: CleanupConnections: can't get AP station list
    I (1307272) wifi: flush txq
    I (1307272) wifi: stop sw txq
    I (1307272) wifi: lmac stop hw txq
    I (1307292) time: Network was reconfigured: restarting SNTP client
    I (1307322) netmanager: Set DNS#2
    I (1307322) esp32wifi: STA disconnected with reason 8
    I (1307352) netmanager: Set DNS#2
    I (1307392) netmanager: Set DNS#2
    I (1307392) netmanager: WIFI access point is down
    I (1307392) esp32wifi: AP stopped
    OVMS# net status
    Interface#3: pp3 (ifup=1 linkup=1)
      IPv4: gateway

    Interface#2: ap2 (ifup=1 linkup=1)
      IPv4: gateway


    Default Interface: pp3 ( gateway

But wifi is off, and after starting the wifi network again, everything works, so that's a minor issue.

I'll do some more tests tomorrow, then push the update.


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