[Ovmsdev] BUG? in v3.2.0-1 in vehicle_mitsubishi - flood of BMS-error msg

Michael Eric Menk mikeemenk at gmail.com
Sat Jan 19 22:35:07 HKT 2019

On 19.01.2019 15:07, Tamás Kovács wrote:

> The car in ready

The first CAN log was made with the car charging.

I have tried to make one with the car on, but the OVMS deadlocks before 
I'm able to complete the task.

The SSH terminal do not react on <enter> , nor does the web page 
response. After it dead locks I'm not able to log in, but the IP-ports 
responds on port-scan.

I'll be trying some more to see if I'm able to to it faster...


Michael Menk

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