[Ovmsdev] 3.2.000

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Jan 19 04:23:49 HKT 2019

I just got a heap corruption on my more or less idling bench module:

    I (19500734) housekeeping: 2019-01-18 20:54:13 CET (RAM: 8b=102516-103792 32b=10196)
    OVMS# CORRUPT HEAP: Bad head at 0x3f8269b4. Expected 0xabba1234 got 0x3f826b84
    assertion "head != NULL" failed: file "/home/balzer/esp/esp-idf/components/heap/multi_heap_poisoning.c", line 205, function: multi_heap_free
    abort() was called at PC 0x4010f35b on core 1

    Backtrace: 0x40091184:0x3ffe1e90 0x4009137f:0x3ffe1eb0 0x4010f35b:0x3ffe1ed0 0x40098041:0x3ffe1f00 0x40085362:0x3ffe1f20 0x400857a1:0x3ffe1f40
    0x4000bec7:0x3ffe1f60 0x4015e931:0x3ffe1f80 0x4015e961:0x3ffe1
    fa0 0x4015ff61:0x3ffe1fc0 0x401605eb:0x3ffe20b0 0x40160687:0x3ffe20d0 0x40163a2f:0x3ffe2120 0x4010ba3a:0x3ffe21f0 0x4010d4a6:0x3ffe2220
    0x4010ba3a:0x3ffe2240 0x4010bf77:0x3ffe2270 0x4010c027:0x3ffe22a0 0x4
    010dc33:0x3ffe22d0 0x4010debd:0x3ffe2310 0x4010a005:0x3ffe2370 0x400f3900:0x3ffe2390 0x400f396d:0x3ffe23e0

The corruption was detected on a free() call from the websocket tx handler, that does only reads on the object in question. Everything else in the backtrace is

Any ideas? Some task writing out of bounds could explain issue #189 as well…


Am 18.01.19 um 14:18 schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
> I think we are ready for a 3.2.000 OTA release to EAP. I’ve built this, and it is in the nightly build system ready to go.
> I’ve completed all the JavaScript tasks, including migrating all the existing extensions to modular object format. That is a breaking change (existing scripts will break), but easy to do now than later when more are using it. I really haven’t heard of anyone using javascript with the system at the moment.
> With 200 commits, the changelog is massive. The scripting system warrants a 3.2 release.
> Please have a try with this in your cars, and let me know of any issues. If nothing comes up in the next day, I’ll move it to EAP at the weekend.
> Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. The system functionality is really very impressive now, and only getting better as time goes by.
> Regards, Mark
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