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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Jan 18 23:36:06 HKT 2019

Yep, definitely worth a major revision bump, and a huge thanks from me to everyone here as well.

The scripting system before wasn't suited for much more than simple calculations, and editing scripts on the console wasn't likely to attract users as well. I
think we'll see some cool applications evolve from this now. Maybe we should add a top level directory for scripting extensions?

A number of users also jumped into web plugin development, that could also be worth a top level directory. If only as an incentive to publish their results.

Btw, a user currently works on an ESP8266 based wifi console to display metrics and some simple battery powered wifi buttons to trigger commands:

The community is growing. I've also got a feedback from an automotive engineer who was absolutely astonished discovering all the features and tools included.

I think we need better communication on what the OVMS can already do now, not only for users but especially also for technical applications and fleet management.


Am 18.01.19 um 14:18 schrieb Mark Webb-Johnson:
> I think we are ready for a 3.2.000 OTA release to EAP. I’ve built this, and it is in the nightly build system ready to go.
> I’ve completed all the JavaScript tasks, including migrating all the existing extensions to modular object format. That is a breaking change (existing scripts will break), but easy to do now than later when more are using it. I really haven’t heard of anyone using javascript with the system at the moment.
> With 200 commits, the changelog is massive. The scripting system warrants a 3.2 release.
> Please have a try with this in your cars, and let me know of any issues. If nothing comes up in the next day, I’ll move it to EAP at the weekend.
> Thanks to everyone who contributed to this. The system functionality is really very impressive now, and only getting better as time goes by.
> Regards, Mark
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