[Ovmsdev] ACC implementation

Brian Greenberg grnbrg at grnbrg.org
Tue Jan 8 14:42:11 HKT 2019

On Tue., Jan. 8, 2019, 00:10 Mark Webb-Johnson <mark at webb-johnson.net wrote:

> Re-reading this, I think I may not have been clear. What I mean, at a
> high-level, is:
>    1. Have a facility to create and maintain ACC charging profiles. Make
>    them optionally connectable to locations (so they auto-activate in that
>    location), but also just generally available for manual activation.
> Two suggestions:

    * Also include an optional trigger time. I might always want to charge
at home, but I never want to start before 00:00.
    * In addition to charging, it would be useful to be able to trigger the
climate control based on a similar location/time tuple.

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