[Ovmsdev] Improving documentation from user's point of view - Leaf and ACC support request for help

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Thu Jan 3 17:28:51 HKT 2019

Hi Rob

On 3/01/19 5:14 AM, Robert Sharpe (Electric Vehicle Consultant) wrote:
> Mark has asked me to improve documentation from the user's point of 
> view and I am stuck on some Leaf and ACC points that I am hoping 
> people can help with.
> 1) Leaf questions
> 1.1) Does the TCU still need to be disconnected for Gen 2 cars to 
> enable remote access?

Yes. After the OVMS wakes the car up, the TCU puts the car back to sleep 
if it is connected. As far as I know this is true for all models 
2011-2017. In 2016 & 2017 model year cars with a TCU, the hands-free 
bluetooth microphone is routed through the TCU, so you can't unplug the 
TCU without breaking bluetooth hands free calling. I haven't explored a 
workaround beyond staring at the wiring diagram. I have read that if you 
try longer and harder you can win the fight with the TCU but I haven't 
tried this.

> 1.2) Has anyone used or tested charge start/stop on a Nissan Leaf?
>       Someone made a comment about needing to use the CAN Write 
> feature of v3 to start-stop charging and cant find reference.

There is no CAN write configuration in the v3, CAN write is always 
enabled and hence you don't need to enable it.

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